ARCHIVES October 2017

How To Plan A Sweet 16th Birthday Party

Many teenage girls would anticipate turning the monumental age of 16 as much as they would anticipate their fairy tale wedding day. Therefore, while you may be envisioning a relaxed gathering of friends and family in your backyard your teenager may be having certain expectations about a grand party. Hence, many parents would not have the budget or experience to plan such an event thus, the following article explores certain tricks or tips that one should be aware of when planning such an event.


While this is not a requirement per se having a theme would help the parent to streamline the décor, food and even music. Furthermore, it can also be a great opportunity for the teen to highlight her personal interest. For instance a movie buff can go with a Hollywood or red carpet theme, or a book lover can base the entire party on her favourite book. Moreover, one can even go with the teen’s favourite color or her favourite city or even her favourite sport. 


The key to a great sweet 16 is the perfect music thus ensure that you include your teenager when making the decision. However, if working within a budget one can opt for nice cover bands. However, one must ensure that the band is given a pre-approved list of songs by the birthday girl; this should include both crowd favourites and dance songs.


Apart from providing great music for dancing party entertainment hire Brisbane is also a great option for themed parties as one can hire impersonators if the party is based on a specific book or a move. This would also be a great photo opportunity for both the birthday girl and guests. Furthermore, one can also set up a karaoke machine and arrange for some friendly competition by offering competitors gifts. Moreover, one can also set up a photo booth with some cool props.


The most important piece of food at this even would be the cake thus it needs to stylish, delicious and go with the theme of the party. Moreover, unless it’s a formal dinner party choose finger foods that the guests can consume while standing. If, the party is thrown to a theme ensure that all the food is in accordance to this theme. Furthermore, one can also opt for a candy bar as this can act as both a fabulous piece of décor and a much loved stop for guests. A sweet sixteen birthday party is a memorable occasion for any teenage girl, thus ensure that she has the time of her life with the help of the aforementioned tips.