Being Picture-perfect On Your Special Day

If there’s anything the age of social media loves, it’s a Pinterest worthy wedding. It takes a great amount of attention to detail to make sure that you look like the bride you’ve always dreamed to be while watching stacks of rom-coms and thumbing through endless piles of bridal magazines. A picturesque wedding might not be as far off as it may seem. Here are some tips to make sure your big day is everything you’ve always wanted.

Prepping to make sure you look your best

Planning the big day is far from easy. There are so many moving parts in a wedding that some elements are easy to slip through the cracks in the hurried frenzy to make sure everything is flawless. Sticking to a color scheme, theme and décor while keeping the vibe casual and comfortable is important. Looking your best on your wedding day is as if not even more important. Looking good takes preparation. There’s much more to looking your best in your Sydney wedding photographer than simply finding the perfect dress. A skin care, hair, healthy diet and exercise regime should not be left to the last minute. Cramming in five facials and fifty stomach crunches two days leading up to the big day will make little to no difference with the amount of stress you’re under.

The hunt for the perfect outfits

After you plan out a self-care routine you should then start setting your sights on the outfits as well. It’s advisable to find you and your partner the attire early on as it may alter your theme. The day is about celebrating you and your partner, but if you are on a budget set your sights on what you can afford. A wedding is not about being extravagant and outdoing every bride you’ve seen on Facebook. It’s a celebration of the love you and your future spouse have found in each other. Not everyone can afford the Vera Wang dress they ogled for hours on end. Confidence and beauty comes from within not from the number of zeros on a price tag. As long as you and your fiancé find outfits that fit your budget, works for you both and complement each other, spending trillions on a designer label will seem silly in comparison.

Hair and make up

Think the struggle to look your best on a daily basis is stressful? Finding what will work for you on the big day is undoubtedly much harder. A trial run of makeup and hair will pay off. What you assumed would look best on you might not be the case. It will be a trial and error process but find the look that brings out your best features while making sure it doesn’t overpower or overwhelm. Do not hesitate to consult your wedding photographer about your choices on your hair and makeup as not everything translates well on camera. Book a consultation and ask for advice. Professionals with experience in the industry know what looks best on video and print.

Looking your best takes time and planning. Taking care of your body and health during the planning is as crucial as the flower arrangements and table settings. The stress will not help nor will the cake and wine testing. Make time to take care of yourself. The comfortable and genuine smiles of the bride and groom will out do any diamond encrusted tiara and custom-made Dior suit.